Expert Relationship Therapy in Houston TX for Single People

Don't Let Past Trauma Keep You From Building Healthier Relationships. Relationship Counseling in Houston Can Help.

If you struggle to find a healthy, happy relationship, you should know that you are not alone. Often, when people are struggling with pain from past relationships, including those with parents, friends, and former partners, it affects how they approach relationships in the future.

At Optimistic Counseling Practice, we offer compassionate relationship therapy for singles in Houston to help them address the underlying trauma that prevents them from moving forward.

We focus on helping you heal while improving your non-romantic relationships so you know how to identify healthier relationships in the future. If you need relationship counseling in Houston, don’t hesitate to call. You deserve to enjoy profoundly fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.   

Relationship therapy isn’t just for couples.

Find out how to improve all your relationships with singles relationship therapy in Houston, TX.

Begin a New Chapter of Your With Houston Relationship Counseling

Houston is a diverse city filled with a wonderful community of people, and you deserve to be a part of that community. If you are new to town or have grown up in the area, relationship therapy can help you tap into the skills you need to interact with others in a healthy way so you can engage in all this area has to offer.

Whether it is improving your relationship with coworkers, strengthening bonds with friends, or even finding the person you are meant to spend your life with, relationship therapy can help. At Optimistic Counseling Practice, we are here to help you reach these goals.   

Optimistic Counseling’s Approach to Therapy for Singles in Houston, TX

There is not a one size fits all approach to working with Houston singles in therapy. We are all different. So, I offer many approaches to help you work through what is going on.

We may use motivational interviewing. This helps people find the internal motivation to change behavior. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) helps people accept their feelings without feeling guilty about them. This also means accepting your thoughts for what they are.

Or we could use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This method helps people recognize how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect each other. Then we can use this awareness to align them with goals to reduce stress and achieve goals.

In relationship therapy, you should develop the ability to be more assertive about your needs and expectations. Become more understanding that love is a gamble and the only way to find it is to risk vulnerability. And, to trust your voice and your gut to begin to identify your self-worth instead of leaving that to someone in a relationship.

My goal for you is to feel like therapy is a helpful resource for you. You should leave feeling equipped to cope and manage relationships in a way that is healthy and sustainable. Mentally and emotionally, I want you to feel empowered and confident to make the best decisions for your own lives and feel happy about it.

Begin Houston Relationship Therapy Today​

If you are looking for a relationship therapist in Houston or an online therapist in Texas, I am here for you. Schedule your initial consultation and begin getting more joy out of your relationships and your life.