Anxiety Therapy for Texas Residents

You are feeling behind.  

Everyone around you is getting married, starting a family, or moving on in their career.  

Or you are feeling an emptiness because you do not know what your purpose is.  

This has left you stuck, overthinking, and stressed about the next steps in life. 

 Life is not bad, but it is not everything you hoped for it to be. Although you see the good, anxiety can make you feel like you are not doing enough, even when you are doing what you can. Often, we feel pressure from our surroundings to keep reaching higher goals. This can leave you unsatisfied, anxious, and feeling like you are not enough as you are. Everyone goes through life at their own pace and when people our age seem to be moving ahead, we naturally may feel inferior.  

As an online therapist in Texas, my specialty is helping individuals like you. Whether you are a career professional, an employed entrepreneur, a business owner, or are an ambitious woman and high achiever. I am here to guide you!  

Common Reasons People Seek Anxiety Therapy

There are many reasons to seek out mental health services when they are struggling with symptoms of anxiety. Here are some of the reasons clients may seek me:   

Anxiety Counseling Can Help You When You Feel Like You are Not Enough!

Sometimes people worry about beginning therapy. Whether you have a negative perception of mental health services or worry about what others may think of you, therapy can help. You may be a person who thinks “where I come from, we don’t do therapy,” or perhaps you may wonder “if I begin therapy, does that mean I am telling God he is not enough?.” Perhaps, life has been going smoothly until something pops up again to throw it off course. These are valid reasons! We all come from diverse backgrounds where we may worry if we are making the right decisions based on our values. However, with the help of a skilled therapist, you discern what makes sense for you and your needs.  

I have helped many others who have dealt with these concerns. What I know is that feeling like you have control of your life is freeing and having that second lens gives you a new perspective on your anxiety. It can feel like a sigh of relief to speak with a therapist and to finally take that step to get in touch. This can help you overcome negative and irrational thoughts.  

Optimistic Counseling’s Approach to Anxiety Therapy in Texas

In therapy, I will work with you firsthand to understand what is going on in your life. We will explore healthy coping mechanisms from a CBT lens to help you address anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Additionally, we may use mindfulness in the process. Mindfulness practices can reduce anxiety symptoms for those dealing with rumination, overthinking, low self-esteem, and more. These practices encourage you to slow down and recognize your breathing now. While also helping you connect with your feelings without judgment.  

Therapy is a safe and nonjudgmental space for you to decide what is important for you to deal with. In therapy, I want you to develop an increased sense of self-compassion, and reduce the physical symptoms that accompany anxiety. Plus, I hope to help you find a rational explanation for your anxious thoughts. This will help you to make better decisions that will help reduce anxiety in the future. Lastly, I want to help you gain back the control you have been seeking. I know beginning therapy can seem like a scary first step, but it is worth it. With the right therapist, you will click and feel understood. No relationship is perfect, but the right fit will help you to work through any anxiety that has been holding you back.

Begin Anxiety Treatment in Texas

You do not have to continue feeling stuck, purposeless and overthinking. If you are ready to feel understood, counseling can help you develop better control over thoughts and behaviors. My Texas  therapy practice consists of me, your caring online therapist who specializes in the intersection between anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:   


Contact Optimistic Counseling


Meet with Kisha, your skilled therapist.


Start feeling more in control and satisfied with your life outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anxiety therapy helps people gain and implement coping skills to manage how anxiety may be stopping them from reaching personal and career goals.

It works by helping you see the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and how a misalignment in any of these areas could be causing unbearable anxiety.

When you’re struggling with racing thoughts you can’t stop, overthinking that keeps you up at night, or constant self-doubt.

See therapy plans for individuals.

Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all answer for everyone. The answer depends on the experiences, goals, and mindset each person brings to therapy. It also depends on the therapy plan you think best aligns with you. But I can say that the more consistently you keep your therapy appointments and the more sense of urgency or have to make progress, the quicker results you’ll get.

If it feels like you’ve lost your self compassion, decision making ability, or control of your day to day life, this is for you. 

Other Therapy Services Optimistic Counseling Offers:

Anxiety Treatment is not the only service I offer in my online therapy practice. Other mental health services Optimistic Counseling provides include depression treatment, career support, relationship therapy for singles. All services are offered via online therapy in Texas. 

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