A Guide to Overcoming the Fear of Failure (Atychiphobia)

fear of failure

Did you know that roughly 21.4% of the adults in the United States have a mood disorder? Things like bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression can be hard enough to deal with on their own. But, when you combine them with certain types of phobias, they become debilitating. One of these phobias is the fear […]

Tips for Overcoming Self-Doubt

overcoming self-doubt

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed might trigger your self-doubts to speak louder than ever before. Self-doubt can impact your ability to continue accomplishing your goals. Don’t let your doubts impact your ability to succeed. Instead, read on for 10 tips […]